1. Naam:Bibett
  2. Leeftijd:26 Jaar
  3. Actief sinds:29-03-2014
  4. Geslacht:Vrouw
  5. Land:Nederland
  6. Provincie:Limburg
  7. Woonplaats:Maastricht
  8. Lengte:Tussen de 1.60 en 1.70
  9. Lichaamsbouw:
  10. Oogkleur:Groen
  11. Haarkleur:Blond
  12. Opleiding:HBO
  13. Roken:Ja
  14. Piercings:Ja
  15. Tatoeages:Ja
  • Hobbies:
    Fotografie, Mode, Kunst
  • Over mij:
    I'm an Art student I don't really know what to tell about myself it's always better if someone just asks ;p I like tattoo's, I also have them I love history, fashion, 50's/60's And the future? I don't know, I wouldn't really care if I don't stay in the Netherlands 'cause I want to see things.
  • Over jou:
    Someone I can talk to and have fun with. Someone who is open minded, honest and nice to me :)