1. Naam:Sexylady007
  2. Leeftijd:37 Jaar
  3. Actief sinds:10-03-2013
  4. Geslacht:Vrouw
  5. Land:Nederland
  6. Provincie:Limburg
  7. Woonplaats:Walem
  8. Lengte:Tussen de 1.70 en 1.80
  9. Lichaamsbouw:Slank
  10. Oogkleur:Bruin
  11. Haarkleur:Blond
  12. Opleiding:middelbare school
  13. Roken:Nee
  14. Piercings:Nee
  15. Tatoeages:Ja
  • Hobbies:
    I like outdoor activities ,but also don't mind cuddling up by the fire place with someone I am attracted to. Going out of town and taking long walks on the beach. I also enjoy reading and playing basketball.A quiet evening at home is also nice!
  • Over mij:
    I'm certainly not perfect, nor am I looking for someone that is. But I feel it's important we share some similar beliefs, values, and goals. I'm a confident, athletic, smart guy that has been blessed with an incredible family and friends. I'm proud to say that I've been the best in anything I do ... I play multiple sports regularly (including hockey, soccer, golf) and typically do something active 4-5 times a week.I'm not the type that make much friend, .I'm NOT a homebody and I'm always doing something. I'm usually joking around and I don't take things too seriously, but that doesn't mean I don't have my moments. The rest you'll just have to ask about... I
  • Over jou:
    I'm not looking for a "normal" or 50/50 relationship but rather 100/100. I believe that both people should be selfless and give 100% rather than keeping score and always looking at what they get out of it.